Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Don't Advertise for Violence...

Are you a walking advert, inviting violence? Are you letting other people, who you care about, advertise themselves as easy victims for an opportunist attack? Please don't just think about yourself as you read this. Make sure your whole family applies self-defence common-sense in their everyday lives. If your son or brother is a tough guy - or a worse still a black belt - then please send them a link to this post. These sorts of people are more at risk than others if they fail to apply awareness and caution, because they often think they're indestructible. When you're overwhelmed by numbers, caught by surprise, or attacked with a deadly weapon, it really doesn't matter who you are.

Children are not immune either. Just because you would not beat a child up for their phone, don't forget that plenty of people would. And do - here is just one example:

Expensive items of jewellery (especially precious stones, and most of all diamonds) are very easy for criminals to sell. Don't display them in public, especially in crowded or isolated places, and ideally not at all.

(Women, your exposed flesh could be considered a potential crime advertisement, inviting sexual assault and even rape. If you want to reveal all then that's your right, and nobody should have the right to tell you not to. But keep in mind that there are nutcases out there who will notice you if you make yourself noticeable. And many of them actually think skimpy clothes mean you are automatically interested in them and want to play. Like it or not, it's a fact.)

Mobile phones and other hi-tech gadgets are slightly less attractive to muggers than jewellery. But if you're stupid, like most mobile users I see, then your device is usually much more visible than jewellery. Especially if you walk around with yours glued to your ear, advertising yourself for robbery whilst making it obvious to the world that you're not alert and are an easy target.

If you have really valuable property, such as a big house or an expensive car, then you should assume you are being watched by serious criminals. An attack on you, if it comes, may well be planned and organised. High value property could even put your family in danger of kidnap and murder or blackmail. Don't flaunt it. If you really feel the need to show off about what you've got then you've got a problem. And you're putting other people in danger.

Returning to mobile phones, the most popular items at robbers at present, when you're on your mobile phone, in addition to advertising your goods and your foolishness to criminals, it's likely that you're breaking the first rule of self-defence: you are failing to maintain awareness of what is going on around you.

Who is nearby? What are they doing? Where are they looking? Are they holding anything? Do they look dodgy, dirty, or anxious? Why are they talking to you? Is anybody behind you? Are your instincts telling you they're bad news? Your instincts are probably right.

If you can't answer all of these questions at any given moment then you could be blundering into an attack at any moment. Professional thieves and violent criminals are experts in detecting whether you are 'switched on' and aware. Do not underestimate them, how clever they are, or how ruthless and nasty they can be. Don't judge them by your high moral standards.

Are your valuables on display? That's another question you should be aware of. Just got engaged? Congratulations! Proud of your big new rock? You should know that there are thousands of people out there who would smile as they hack off your hand with a rusty saw blade. Once your dried blood is cleaned off, your shiny new diamond will keep an addict supplied with heroin, crack and strong, cheap booze for weeks. Congratulations again.

Distraction is an ancient and still common tactic of thieves. If somebody bumps into you, says, or asks you something odd, or otherwise appears in your face unexpectedly or under odd circumstances, then trust your instincts and act quickly. Usually there will be at least one accomplice, who probably already has their hand in your pocket or bag by the time you noticed them - unless you've remained properly alert at all times.

If you find they've already got your property then let them have it. Make a lot of noise - unless they're cornered or trapped with you. But don't chase or attack them - unless your property really is worth as much to you as the rest of your life, and all the good things and nice people that life might bring. A robber almost certainly has other gang members nearby, ready to beat you to death if needs be. You could end up in a situation you can't get out of, so don't get into it in the first place. You've got nothing to prove but how capable you are of staying in control of yourself, and staying alive for the people who love you and reply upon you. Think about them not your pride, before you get stabbed in the head with a screwdriver. Your loved ones will be the ones trying to identify your cold, torn up body. Your wallet an jewellery won't have stayed around to help with working out who the poor idiot was who got killed over a phone, or a few bits of shiny rock.

So don't be an idiot and get robbed, hurt or killed for the sake of a little common sense. Follow these simple rules at all times:
  • Stay alert
  • Be ready and prepared
  • Have a simple plan of escape (and counter-attack)
  • Keep modifying your plan each moment, in response to circumstances
  • Assume an attack is imminent at all times if you have visible valuables
  • Fight fire with fire:
The bad guys use deception and distraction - followed by speed, aggression and surprise (SAS). You should use the same principles, which have been tried and tested throughout human history. If you've seen the Combat Skills DVD then you will know exactly what to do.

If you have any questions or comments, experiences of your own, or additional tips, I'd love you to share them here. You might help somebody in a really nasty situation.

"There's too much going on on the streets"


  1. You are so right many people do invite violence without even knowing,those people must practice martial arts!

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  2. People do seem to invite violence... hopefully they do the martial arts to find a balance within themselves to detract from violence not to learn to be more violent.

  3. just be smart on day to day life.